Dr. A. Anthony Blackwood - A.C.C. Senior Pastor
ALIVE Christian Center is a sabbath keeping ministry and was founded by it's present Pastors Anthony and Esther Blackwood in the year 1998. We were favored by the Lord in this conceptual stage to hold our services at Christ Worship Center , a ministry of the Church of God of Prophecy, pastored by Dr. Lloyd Black to whom we are forever grateful.We worshipped at that location for one year after which, we moved to 700 Sandy Plains Rd. in Marietta , where we shared facility with the Emmanuel Church of God In Christ, pastored by Rev. Steve Lester.

After two years there was another transition and we presently occupying the same building in which the anointing of the Lord continually flows.

We thank the Lord who has graciously brought us this far by His Spirit. It is only by the insight that God has given us and the willingness to stand that this vision is unfolding before us today.God has given us a mission, which we endeavor to accomplish by His Spirit. “And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the Lord: for it is terrible thing that I will do with thee.”
Exodus 34:10